Mission Burgerrito


Dollop your favourite sauces (Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ - go wild) in the middle of your Mission Deli wrap.

Add your salad, a hot burger, grated cheese and any more toppings you like (there are no rules... bacon, sliced onion, or even GHERKINS!).

Fold the edges of the wrap into the middle around the burger, into a rough hexagon.

Place folded side down on a hot frying pan to seal and crisp up.


Preparation Time

25 Mins


1 Person


Mission Chargrilled or Deli Original wraps
Prime beef ¼ pound burger
Red onion rings
Sliced tomato
Dill pickles
Mayo, mustard & ketchup
Cheddar cheese sauce or sliced cheese
Crispy smoked bacon

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