Kids Sweetcorn and Pepper Snails


Mix cream cheese with sweetcorn and red pepper.

Lay out Mission Deli Super Soft Wheat and White Wrap, arrange spinach over the top, and then cover with ham slices.

Spread cream cheese mixture all over the ham, tightly roll up, with fold underneath and cut into 8 portions.

Using a cocktail stick, make 2 holes in the top of each tomato and poke in the carrot sticks.

Add a cherry tomato, for a head, to each and serve.

Preparation Time

10 Mins


2 People


1 Mission Deli Wheat & White Wrap
75g reduced fat cream cheese
25g sweetcorn
25g diced red pepper
25g spinach leaves
3-4 ham slices
8 cherry tomatoes
16 thin carrot strips

Makes 8 Snails

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